Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) Level 6 Diploma

The CSMP® Level 6 Accredited Diploma arose out of recognition that there is a need for a high-quality security management distance learning diploma at advanced level that meets the following requirements:

Addresses the key areas of corporate security management and is based on current best practice.

  • Provides a supported learning environment, with qualified tutors accessible by phone or email during the study process.
  • Benchmarks security management professionals against peers.
  • Allows especially-talented security managers to excel through the submission of assignments, which test not only their understanding of the course materials, but also their application of the key concepts.
  • Provides an enriching professional educational experience at a cost that meets not only the needs of company-sponsored individuals, but also self-funding individuals and organisations that wish to book multiple candidates.
  • Uses a panel-reviewed marking and assessment process that embraces rigour, accuracy, consistency and objectivity.  Each submission is reviewed, marked and scored and by at least two faculity tutors.

The CSMP® Level 6 Accredited Diploma is accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ) as the Level 6 Organisation Diploma for Security Management Professionals. 

The CSMP® Level 6 Accredited Diploma is also accredited by Skills for Security, the sector skills body for the UK private Security industry and has been mapped against the UK National Occupational Standards for Security Management.

You can find full content details and further information on the Overview page.